Annual Service

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Lime scale build up is one of your coffee machines worst enemies. This image inside the boiler of a coffee machine demonstrates just how serious a problem lime scale can become if the appropriate preventative maintenance is not carried out.

Following a full service of the coffee machine and descale of the boiler and pipe work at our workshops this coffee machine was reinstalled on site and has been producing good quality coffee ever since.
This lime scale build up is easily prevented by arranging a full service and descale on an annual basis and ensuring your water filter is regenerated when necessary (usually every 12 months).
Express Servicing Ltd recommend the service, descale, water filter regeneration and boiler safety pressure test of your coffee machine every 12 months, this is supported by all manufacturers.
This will ensure equipment safety, optimum coffee quality, equipment longevity and reduce machine downtime as a result of breakdown throughout the year.



When undertaking an annual service the machine is removed from site and replaced with one of our courtesy loan machines.

Back at our workshops your coffee machine is completely dismantled and the boiler and relevant pipe work is removed and fully descaled.  The machine is then rebuilt, given a thorough health check and tested for faults - where necessary new parts are fitted.

Finally a boiler pressure safety test is undertaken in accordance with current Health and Safety Regulations.
For some Insurers it is a requirement for one of their representatives to be present at the boiler pressure safety test, please advise us prior to the service and we will liaise with them directly.

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