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Disconnection of all boiler pipework.

Disconnection of boiler element.

Removal of element.

Removal of element, safety valve and antivac valve from boiler.

Removal of boiler and associated pipe work from fame and immerse in descaling solution.

Removal of drain pan assembly and expansion valve.

Removal of group seals and showers.

Removal of site glass assembly.

Removal of steam valves.

Insulation of all electrical components and wiring loom.

Degreasing and cleaning of machine and exterior panels.

Connection of coffee boiler/s to descale device and run.

Fitting of service exchange steam valves.

Refitting of drain pan assembly.

Refitting of expansion valve fitting new seal and spring.

Fitting new group seals and screens.

Flushing boiler and refitting to machine.

Refitting boiler element fitting new gasket and terminals.

Draining coffee boiler/s removing elements for inspection.

Refitting elements fitting new gaskets and terminals.

Refitting site glass assembly fitting new seals and gaskets.

Removing, stripping and cleaning groups, refitting with new seals and showers.

Removing group tops, inspection chamber, banjo pipe, new seals and gaskets.

Refitting steam boiler safety valve and anti vac valve, fitting new seal.

Visually checking all plumbing and electrical joints.

Carrying out MIL electrical and plumbing test.

Flushing coffee boilers.

Resetting all levels and temperatures.

Carrying out running test.

Disconnecting, cleaning and carrying out quality inspection.

Refitting all exterior panel work.

Boiler safety pressure test in accordance with current health and safety regulations.